The design for design's sake



Supporting children while respecting their psycho-affective development and learning style


The first objective is to help the
child regain confidence in his or
her abilities and feel at ease as a

The second objective will be to help
them make sense of certain aspects of
learning, so that they can demonstrate
transferability between their inner
thoughts and what they learn.

The process

Developer, Logo designer

showcase site

I worked on this site during the time I was an
apprentice. The goal was to redesign the site to
make it more aesthetically interesting and make it
easier to navigate.

The task I was given was to integrate pages in the front end. I had to redesign the existing
website, and rearrange the texts in a better way.
I also worked on the logo the client didn't want to change it completely,
so i just did a minimum modification.

Live wesite