The design for design's sake


Alpy dev

AlpyDev, based in France, was founded in April 2018 by QuentinHourriez. Specializing in helping private companies design and develop their websites using the Wordpress CMS, it stands out from the competition, which consists mainly of independent Wordpress developers and French web agencies.


Only 20 minutes from Annecy,
discover an eco-designed base
camp at an altitude of 1600m
that respects the main
principles of sustainable

Specialist of unusual nights in Annecy,
Alpes-Bivouac is an event agency
offering experiential stays on the
Semnoz mountain. Alpes-Bivouac
stands out for its “Eco-Bivouac Village of
igloos” concept and its commitment to
sustainable and responsible tourism.

The process

Developer, Designer


I worked on this site during the time I was an
apprentice. The goal was to design and create the site to
make it aesthetically interesting and make it
easier to navigate.

The task I was given was to design the website and integrate pages in the front end.
I used next js, three js and wordpress as headless CMS.
I had a lof of fun and liberty for this website, i've also designed the logo.

Live wesite